Selective Web
Hosting Solutions

What is "Selective Hosting"? Selective Hosting is where we look at each client and determine if their website is one we would want hosted along side our sites. What this means is that we individually select what customers we want on our servers and what customers we do not want. With the big hosting companies you will have thousands (yes... Thousands) of sites on the same server your site is hosted. You can have hackers, spammers, gamers, and even adult sites hosted along side yours. These sites can cause slowdowns, additional spam, and even the possibility of your site being hacked from within.

Selective Web Hosting Solutions helps to prevent these types of issues by selectively picking the customers we host.

What is the Cost
Selective Hosting?

Even with "Selective Hosting", we can normally match the big hosting companies after their first year discounts. All these companies will offer you lower prices for the first year then increase the fees. Some of these increases are almost double the fee that you signed up for. If want to move your site every year to try to get cut rate first year offers then we are not for you; but if you want a company that provides you a lot of extras and that Selective Web Hosting Experience, then contact us for more information.

We have a number of different pricing structures depending on what your specific needs are, and will work with you to provide you the best pricing available for our services on our servers.

What Hosting Services
are Available?

We have a number of different plans from managing your domain name(s) with email forwarding, page redirection, email only, email with page redirection, POP/IMAP/SMTP services, mailing lists, to full web hosting experience.  We provide a full administrative console which allows you total control over your hosting experience from site builders, blogs, carts, Word Press, galleries and more!  Let us help you determine what options are best for your needs.  All our pricing for these services is not only affordable but competitive.

For your convenience we perform all our billing by monthly drafts from your Master Card, Visa, Discover, or American Express.

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