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useful linksEver have problems with your computer; think you might have spyware; viruses, or other malware which has infected your computer?  Here are some useful links which might help you address these problems.

If any of these links are not working, please let us know.  In the meantime, you can Google these as well for new links.

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  • AdwCleaner– A relatively new program that came on the anti-adware scene early last year, AdwCleaner was developed by French developer Xplode.
  • AVAST Free Antivirus – Free Antivirus software for your computer.
  • CCleaner– an efficient little program makes fast work of outdated registry entries, cookies, temporary files, and unneeded startup programs.
  • Hitman Pro (32-bit | 64-bit) – A deceptively simple antivirus scanner that can be deployed quickly.
  • Malwarebytes® AntiMalware‎ – Advanced Detection, Removal of Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Rootkits, Dialers and Spyware
  • McAfee Threat Assessment – Search the Threat Library
  • RogueKiller (32-bit64-bit) – Another software from a French developer on this list. RogueKiller is a removal tool that goes after a specific class of malware, referred to as rogueware (rogue security software).
  • Snopes – Urban Legends Reference Pages – See if that virus or computer warning is really true or just a legend.
  • SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition – SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition is a comprehensive program that can scan and delete spyware and a variety of other types of malware.

The following links are for Micro Concepts of Chesterfield:

We take no responsibility for the use of any of the mentioned software. Inappropriate or incorrect use can result in system instability or failure. If at any moment you don’t understand what you are doing, please stop, exercise some Google searches or take your problem to a professional.

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